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Many times you will be encountering the same problems that others have had before, so check the list below to see if the solution is given. We welcome your questions, so if you do not see it here, let us know.

Corrections and Uploads:

Question: How do I update my existing listing or add a photo?

Answer: Contact the WWLL Webmaster at the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator Help Desk with your update request and the information that needs changing - and be sure to tell us which labyrinth! - and we will take care of it for you. To add a photo to an exisiting listing (or change the photo already in place), send the image as an attachment to the webmaster, via the link above, and again, be sure to tell us which labyrinth to add it to!

Q: I am having trouble submitting a new labyrinth, it keeps returning to the upload page when I hit the submit button.

A: It may be a problem with a photo that you are trying to add - see the note below - but if all else fails, contact the WWLL Webmaster at the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator Help Desk, and we will endeavour to assist you to get your labyrinth posted on the website.

Q: I am having trouble uploading my labyrinth photo on a new listing.

A: It may be in the incorrect file format - our software prefers .jpg - or it is simply too big for the upload buffers. Try resizing it or saving it as a .jpg, as appropriate. Likewise, photos with lengthy file names or illegal characters (periods and dashes, for instance) may cause problems. If all else fails, send the image as an attachment to World-Wide Labyrinth Locator Help Desk and again, let us know which labyrinth to add it to.

Q: I made a mistake filling out the upload form, should I submit it again with the corrections made?

A: If most of the submitted details are correct, and just a minor tweak is required, it will be easier to submit it as is and then contact the webmaster at the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator Help Desk and let us know which labyrinth and what needs correcting.

Problems using the "Locate A Labyrinth" page or Quick Search on the WWLL Homepage:

Q: I filled out all of the fields on the form, but the search says there are no labyrinths near me or in my city, state or country.

A: You have probably provided too much information - it is actually saying there are no labyrinths with your name or at your address, or some such! - the search utility works best when you only complete one, or just a few fields at a time. The more fields you complete, the more you narrow the search. Try starting with just your country, state/province or city, and then try again with progressively more selective fields filled/selected. The WWLL search utility is a powerful tool, but it is rather literal, it will only give you exactly what you ask for!

Q: I searched for a city where I know there are labyrinths listed in the database, but the search engine says: Sorry! No labyrinths found matching the given criteria.

A: Check your spelling, and if you searched on a smartphone or tablet device, it could be because predictive texting is automatically adding a space after the city name - this confuses the search engine! Try again and be sure to delete any additional spaces or other characters or punctuation automatically inserted by your device software. You might also need to try different verisons of certain city names - St. or Saint for instance - and with or without certain punctuation marks, etc. The search engine is easily tripped up by those!  

Q: The search radius utility says there are no labyrinths near me, although I know there are examples in the database.

A: The search radius utility only works for the USA, and then occasionally fails, as our software relies on the USPS zipcode lookup system to find adjacent zipcodes to the location you specified, and then displays labyrinths in those zipcode areas. Sometimes the USPS system falls over when new zipcodes are added or remote areas with no specific zipcode are involved. It gets better all the time, but sometimes doesn't quite work the way it should - sorry! It usually works fine if you just enter a zipcode, or a city & state, but sometimes another combination of these three parameters will work better. Also bear in mind that the search radius function will miss any US labyrinths in the database without zipcode details provided or on public land, state parks, etc., with no specific postal address, so always try another search strategy and cross-check the results.

Q: Why are none of the labyrinths in my area or country listed in the WWLL database?

A: Probably because nobody has uploaded them - yet! You might consider contacting the owners of the labyrinth(s) and encourage them to upload their details to our database, or if you have the information yourself, and the permission of the owners of the labyrinth, then please upload the details as soon as possible and make the WWLL database even more complete. We currently have over 6400 (including a few mazes) listed in more than 90 countries worldwide, and growing daily...


And if none of the above FAQ's answer your question or problem, or you encounter other technical problems with the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator, please contact the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator Webmaster

Jeff Saward, WWLL Admin & Support.

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