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Enter or select as few or as many terms as you like to make your search precise - The fewer fields you fill or select, the more labyrinths you are likely to find -  The more you fill or select, the narrower the search - the software will only return results that match all your criteria. (If you select a state/province, it's not necessary to also select the country — the software knows that those states/provinces are in the USA or Canada.

Hints: it's often best to just enter a city or town name and no other details for an initial search, and be aware that predictive text on smartphones and similar devices often enters additional spaces and/or punctuation that can confuse the search engine. 

Please note: At this stage, not all of the labyrinths in our database have information about Material, Type, Designer or Builder. Searching by these fields may produce few results on their own; in conjunction with other fields, they may filter out labyrinths that would otherwise match. If your searches are returning very few or no results, try searching without specifying material, type, Wheelchair accessibility, Designer, or Builder.

The Google Maps facility generally works for labyrinths in the USA and Canada, but is less reliable for other parts of the world, especially for those labyrinths with no street address or in remote areas with no zipcodes or postal service. However, many of the labyrinths and mazes listed in the Locator have GPS coordinates provided. If you enter these into Google Earth or similar mapping software, they will often show you the precise location of the labyrinth.

Please note that the search radius utility will only work for the USA, as it uses the USPS zipcode system to determine the approximate location of nearby labyrinths - and consequently it will also not list those labyrinths with no zipcodes entered, so it's always best to try several different search stratagies.

And finally... if you are planning to visit labyrinths listed on this website, it's often a good idea to check the opening times and for any public holidays, etc., that might affect availability, and if the labyrinth is listed as situated on private property, please contact the owner to seek permssion first, especially for those that are clearly in backyards or similar locations.

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